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Discord Chat Request

Hey @ChrisIceBox,
I am creating a game in your plugin, and I already asked more than 5 questions about 1 single problem, that I still cannot solve. I would really appreciate your help, and because It is very slow and convoluted to communicate through this forum, I would really appreciate, If you could just go on Discord, and help me using Direct Messages.

Thank you for your respond!
Viktor Stopka


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    The forum has a PM service which you can use by clicking "Message" on a user's profile page. Note that this is not the same as posting on someone's wall, which is done further down the page.

    Be sure to include full details about the problem, including version numbers, links to custom scripts you may be using as well as screenshots of your full Settings Manager, as well as anything else relevent, so I can understand the full context.

  • So, 3 years later, IS there a Discord chatroom for AC? I mean it's still extremely popular amongst gamers, and by extension everything videogames-related. I'm 99% sure there's an AC Discord that exists somewhere, just hard to find.

  • The link to the community-led Discord chatroom can be found in the sidebar to the right.

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