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Version 1.69 - Tokens, draggable snapping, scripted ActionLists



  • If you're updating from v1.69.3, then you can just import the Scripts folder.

    To import just the container fix, import /AdventureCreator/Scripts/Logic/Container.cs.

  • Fantastic update, Chris! Direct movement and cursor control between scenes works perfectly!

  • Thanks for making so many members and properties as protected Chris!

    I DiffMerge every new imported build and I could notice you really did an impressive effort to help with class extension! That's very appreciated!

    Next step would be to make several methods as virtual, so that they can easily be overriden and customised! So far we can extend a class, but unless a method is also marked as virtual, we have little room to actually make relevant changes.

    I know it's not top priority, so I understand if it takes some time.
    Every version (and, they're really frequent!) is introducing tons of fixes and improvements, so I have good faith that's going to happen, some day :)

    Keep up with the great work, and thanks for taking our feedback so much into consideration! :)

  • I installed last update in a hurry and everything seems to work great, thanks for that slider on the elements menu, you save me a lot of headaches!

  • Thank you so much! You are amazing!
    I was really looking forward for these Speech and text updates!

  • I'd be slightly vary of making everything virtual. That has a big performance overhead. Especially for methods that are called on every frame.

  • Agreed on the methods that are called every frame.

  • edited November 2019

    I'd be slightly vary of making everything virtual.

    I've never asked this.

    That has a big performance overhead.

    It has the overhead that it has, no less, no more.
    Depends on the overall optimization. "Big", as calculating 12 times a square root, without the recent optimizations of the unity engine (it's a Unity 2016 "issue" that got some improvements).
    Definitely not a bigger performance overhead than referring objects by string or doing string comparisons.
    By design, I can see several choices have been taken to favor ease of use over performance, and "some" virtual methods are definitely going to impact less than those.

    Especially for methods that are called on every frame.

    It still depends on how many times the virtual method gets called.
    10 virtual calls per frame? To me would be perfectly acceptable

    I'd be more worried about methods called thousands of times in a second, caching opportunities, and more.

    Well, I agree we shouldn't make every method virtual, especially when not needed, but being picky about performance just because of a legit request (viable or not is another subject) asking the system to be a little less sealed and a little more extendable, is a bit overreacting, and I'm pretty sure Chris is going to have good sense about where and what to make virtual.

    Considering the frequency of new additions and changes, overoptimising could be detrimental, I've been there.

    There's always time to optimise and profile. Well, not really, since the amount of work behind AC is definitely huge on a daily basis.
    And there are delegates if by chance profiling a virtual call reveals that it really hampers the overall experience, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.

    Apologies if my request and answer caused so much discomfort or alarm about a feature request, I know this is not the place to debate about it, and I know Chris will always -of course- have the last word on everything, and be free to change his mind at any moment :)

  • I just raised some possible concerns, because I wasn't exactly sure how far these accessibility changes are going to go. It wasn't meant to be panicky or antagonistic. I'm sorry that it conveyed such a tone, but honestly, after this post I re-read mine three times, and I have no idea how to make it sound any more mellow.

  • Version 1.69.5:

    • Fixed: Issues when loading save game files that use the XML or Json save formats
  • Hi Chris, I've just updated a number of my AC projects to 1.69.5, and although it doesn't sound like the new version should have affected anything GUI-wise, I've suddenly lost the permanent display settings of Hotspots, Triggers, Collisions and NavMeshes (although, Marker displays ARE still remembered correctly)

    For example I can turn on the yellow Hotspot boxes in a scene by clicking Visibility On in Scene Manager, and they come on correctly. If I leave the scene it asks me whether I want to Save, which I do. BUT, when I return to the scene the yellow boxes have disappeared, and I have to click Visibility On to turn them back on again

    This has only happened since upgrading to 1.69.5. Older projects which haven't been upgraded show the expected functionality (i.e. the yellow Hotspot boxes, red Trigger boxes, blue Collision boxes, and NavMesh displays persist)

    (All 2d projects. Unity 2019.2.4f1)

  • edited November 2019

    Curiouser and curiouser. As a small test I've just loaded AC into a new blank project, and I get the same "disappearing yellow Hotspot boxes" behaviour in that

    BUT, I've also just now loaded up some more of my older pre-1.69.5 projects, and although most of them show the expected, old GUI behaviour (i.e. the coloured boxes persist), a couple of them DON'T

    So... um... probably something whacky in my overall Unity/AC configuration or something, rather than anything explicitly linked to the new AC release

    I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. I spent all yesterday working on a project without yellow boxes, and although it was a bit odd at first, it's not a deal breaker. In many ways I actually prefer it as it reduces scene clutter, and I can always bring the boxes back (to see if any overlap, for instance), either by clicking on an individual Hotspot label (which do all remain visible), or by selecting Visibility On to turn them all on temporarily

  • @HarryOminous What version were you using previously? As part of a code clean-up, v1.69.1 stopped saving Gizmo visibility in scene files. Apologies if it's a source of annoyance, but you should find that the Scene Manager can be used to bring them back.

  • edited November 2019

    Ah, that explains it. The projects that had persistent gizmo visibility were still using an older version of AC (1.65.2). I'd kept all the other ones updated with the latest AC versions, but hadn't noticed the GUI change, as I've been mainly working on non-AC projects for the last few months

    Anyhoo, no biggie, I've got used to this new-fangled gizmo-free world already

  • Is 1.70 planned for this year release? I’m hoping to try and get the cancelled unhandled actions working ( and I don’t think this will be added as a hot fix?
  • Currently yes, but PM me if you would like to be involved in testing.

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