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Using script to assign a gameobject to AC cutscene?

So I tend to have a lot of cutscenes with ALOT of gameobject fields, that all have attached to them the same 1 gameobject, and I was thinking of making it more efficient by making a script to automatically set a cutscene's gameobject field with the gameobject (obviously you cant set more than 1 without making it more complicated). So essentially if a cutscene has 5 set parameter actions with the gameobject fields, then the script would assign the one you attached to all 5 of those gameobject fields.

I tried looking through the AC scripts that have the action UI for setting a gameobject inside an action, but I'm not sure which ones are related and whether they would be usable for a script or if it's something entirely different?



  • Sorry, you're going to have to break things down with more detail and/or screenshots. You're referring to GameObject fields in Actions, or GameObject parameters used to set those field values?

    You can set an ActionList's parameter values through script, by referencing that parameter's ID number:

    myActionList.GetParameter (0).SetValue (myGameObject);

    This is the recommended way of setting Action field values through script, since trying to modify Action fields directly would be too complex.

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