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Best way to continue load until cutscene finishes?

Ok so when a scene loads, there's a cutscene with a check to see if a certain variable is true (basically if the intro has already played) then it gets rid of stuff in the scene, and then the player can move as usual. But this means that when a scene is loaded, for about a second the player cant move and they can see the object in the scene being removed before they can play. Is there a way to extend the loading screen until then? The only way I can think of is having an image on screen and doing a check every second to see if it's done but I think that's poor optimization for mobiles



  • Camera:fade perhaps?

  • An instantaneous camera fade effect can be used to mask things while loading, but the provided Remember components are there to aid the setting of object states after loading - are they not applicable for this situation?

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