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Trigger Dialgue pressing button not working

Just need to tigger a message for the NPC when character enters trigger and presses the 'E' key. It's not working for me.


  • Please post questions like this under Technical Q&A in future.

    To run a Hotspot's Use interaction via the keyboard, you need to map whatever keypress to an input named "InteractionA" in Unity's Input manager.

    To have Hotspots only be interactive when the player is close to them, rely on "player-vicinity detection". See the Manual chapter of the same name for more info on that.

    If you have something already set up but it's not working, you'll need to share more detail on exactly what you have and which part isn't working. Please provide as much information as you can, including screenshots, and AC/Unity version numbers, and we'll try to help further.

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