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How to intergrate PlayMaker with AC?

Hello. I have no clue how to intergrate PlayMaker with AC. How do I do this?

Thank you!


  • In what way are you looking to integrate them?

    AC provides a basic integration with the ability to connect variables to Playmaker variables, as well as the Third-party: Playmaker Action which can be used to trigger PM FSMs.

    To enable this, you first have to tell AC that Playmaker is in your project (a safety measure to prevent compilation errors if it isn't). To do that, you have to enter the name PlayMakerIsPresent as a "Scripting Define Symbol" in Unity's Player settings. For more on this, see the Manual's "Supported third-party assets" chapter.

  • Thank you once again @ChrisIceBox - I got it working now

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