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Cursor keeps going to center

Hello again.
Whenever I click inside the game, the cursor moves to the center.

I have to say, that I am using UCC integration with Adventure Creator (with first-person!), so I am not sure, if it's Adventure Creator or if it's UCC. But I just wanted to see, if anyone knew what the problem might be.


  • Are you clicking with the system cursor, or the simulated cursor?

    AC will place the cursor in the screen's centre if it is "locked". See the Manual's "Cursor locking" chapter for details on what this means and how to lock/unlock the cursor.

    To determine if UCC is also contributing to this, make a fresh AC scene without your UCC Player and try running it. If your UCC Player is assigned in the Settings Manager, temporarily unassign it so that he doesn't get spawned in.

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