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How to intergrate AC with UCC?

Hello. I am having difficulties, trying to integrate Adventure Creator with Ultimate Character Controller.
I am trying to follow this tutorial, but I don't understand, how I am supposed to do either 2 or 3.

If anyone could lead me in a direction, that would be great!
Thank you in advance!



  • Welcome to the community, @Droll.

    Which tutorial are you following? Do you mean the steps on this AC wiki page?

    Steps 2 and 3 there are one or the other - not both. Both UCC and AC each have their own MainCamera setup - each with their own set of scripts.

    UCC has quite a few, such as Camera Controller, Camera Controller Handler, Aim Assist Handler etc, so it's recommended to start with that and then convert it into an AC MainCamera.

    To do that, you just have to attach AC's own Main Camera component, and tag it as "Main Camera".

    If you need further help, please share details and/or screenshots showing what you have and where the issue lies, so that more specific advice can be given.

  • Hello @ChrisIceBox - Thank you for your answer.
    What component is the AC MainCamera? Do you refer to the component First-person Camera or the Basic Camera?

    Thank you!

  • Neither - those are both GameCameras that the AC MainCamera will typically use as a reference.

    In a normal AC game (without any other system's MainCamera), such components are placed in the scene, and then the AC MainCamera will copy itself onto whichever one is "active". See the Manual's "Cameras overview" chapter for more on this workflow.

    The AC MainCamera component itself isn't normally added manually, since it's automatically added by the Scene Manager. To add it manually to the UCC MainCamera, however, you can find it in the Project window inside /Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Camera/MainCamera.cs. Just drag the script onto the UCC MainCamera's Inspector and it should then just need tagging as "MainCamera" at the top.

  • I finally got it working now - Thank a lot @ChrisIceBox !

  • Any ideas why the TPC doesn't trigger AC triggers ?
    I've tried both rigidbody collision and transform position, but still doesn't work.
    Using Unity 2019.3.0f3

  • @shredingskin If you want a trigger to detect the player, try putting an extra collider on the root character object.
    Or, you can set the trigger to detect a certain object instead (using transform position), where you can specify the capsule collider that the UCC player has.

    This is because the collider is on a separate, child object to that the UCC (and AC) player components are on.

  • It works.
    Many thanks.

  • A new UCC integration package is now available on the Downloads page.

  • It seems that the link is broken.
    It just says Failed - no file.

  • Whoops - try again.

  • Beautiful, even the AC paths are working and you added weapon/inventory sync !
    Thank you.

  • edited June 2020

    Hello, I downloaded and tried this integration today, but it doesn't seem to be fully working to me. First of all, in the "AC_UCC_BasicFirstPerson" scene, it is not possible to interact with either of the dummies - at least not with the "AC-UCC_ManagerPackage" you provided. I don't know why exactly, but when I switched to my own managers, the use icon was displayed when facing a dummy and it was possible to start the interaction action list by clicking. (I'll try and look into that this evening)
    The second scene, "AC_UCC_ThirdAndFirstPerson", can't even be started. Two error messages are sent :

    ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: key
    System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2[TKey,TValue].FindEntry (TKey key) (at <437ba245d8404784b9fbab9b439ac908>:0) System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2[TKey,TValue].TryGetValue (TKey key, TValue& value) (at <437ba245d8404784b9fbab9b439ac908>:0)
    Opsive.Shared.Game.GameObjectExtensions.GetCachedComponent[T] (UnityEngine.GameObject gameObject) (at <338e6dc3c76d4018accddd69710524a4>:0)
    Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.FirstPersonController.Camera.ViewTypes.TransformLook.AttachCharacter (UnityEngine.GameObject character) (at Assets/Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Scripts/FirstPersonController/Camera/TransformLook.cs:69)
    Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Camera.CameraController.InitializeCharacter (UnityEngine.GameObject character) (at Assets/Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Scripts/Camera/CameraController.cs:454)
    Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Camera.CameraController.Start () (at Assets/Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Scripts/Camera/CameraController.cs:393)


    Error: There is no look source attached to the character. Ensure the character has a look source attached (such as a camera).
    Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.ThirdPersonController.Character.MovementTypes.Adventure:GetDeltaYawRotation(Single, Single, Single, Single) (at Assets/Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Scripts/ThirdPersonController/Character/MovementTypes/Adventure.cs:74)
    Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Character.UltimateCharacterLocomotionHandler:GetDeltaYawRotation() (at Assets/Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Scripts/Character/UltimateCharacterLocomotionHandler.cs:196)
    Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Game.KinematicCharacter:Move(Boolean) (at Assets/Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Scripts/Game/KinematicObjectManager.cs:224)
    Opsive.UltimateCharacterController.Game.KinematicObjectManager:Update() (at Assets/Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Scripts/Game/KinematicObjectManager.cs:805)

    However Nolan is indeed set in the character field in the Camera Controller component of the UCC MainCamera, so I don't know what the problem is.

    I'm currently experimenting with a third person character in a small test scene, so far I've been able to start an action list with a dialogue and a camera switch, so the basics seem to be working.

    Two last remarks : I had to tick the "Control camera during cutscenes" option in the AC_UCC_Character component in order to be able to move around my third person adventure camera in game, which doesn't make sense ! And I wasn't able to make my character move to a marker on a navigation mesh.

    I don't know if anybody else has had issues with this integration ? UCC is expensive so maybe not many people have tested it. In my case I would still recommend you to check the demo scenes up and fix them if there is indeed something wrong with them, as it is quite discouraging to have a buggy demo scene ! (Especially with such heavy assets)

    With all that being said, I just want to thank you for making this integration - as someone who's using both Opsive and AC, this is really convenient and makes me want to stick with Unity instead of Unreal !

    (sorry for the long post)

  • I had some problems with the demo because I have the TPC and not the full UCC.
    But I've tested in my project and I tested the basic stuff and it's working.
    Control camera during cutscene means that you (player) can control the UCC camera (I also expected this to be "let AC take control").
    The character does work with with the navmesh and AC markers (have you added the AC motion to the character abilities ? Also remember to set it to manual).

  • The included Readme PDF describes how to set things up if you have issues with the demo scenes.

    Control camera during cutscene means that you (player) can control the UCC camera (I also expected this to be "let AC take control")

    AC will take control if this is unchecked - checking the option allows you to continue moving it.

    The character does work with with the navmesh and AC markers (have you added the AC motion to the character abilities ? Also remember to set it to manual).

    Once configured, it should work with the NavMesh and Markers, yes

  • Hi, when doing cutscenes in timeline my workflow is to deactivate the main character in timeline and animating another "cutscene model", this approach works when using an AC character, but if I'm using an UCC character it teleport back to the player start once I reactivate it (even happens if I use the teleport AC action after the timeline has played).
    Is it better to just use the teleport player out of the scene view or what is the best workflow for working with timeline when animating the player character ?

  • The scene's default PlayerStart, or the one used if you enter from another scene?

    UCC characters get teleported with the SetPositionAndRotation function. AC should call this automatically when you use the Object: Teleport Action, but the integration doesn't hardwire anything to go back to a specific PlayerStart.

    Try placing a Debug.Log statement in the SetPositionAndRotation function to find out when it's being called, and where it's placing the character.

    It may be an automatic behaviour of UCC, though - I'd say it's better to move them out of view, but that's a question for Opsive.

  • It was the UCC character respawner script that made that everytime the object was deactivated spawn back to the origin point.

  • The new update to UCC throws this error:
    Assets\AdventureCreator\Downloads\UCC integration\Scripts\AC_Motion.cs(6,14): error CS0534: 'AC_Motion' does not implement inherited abstract member 'PathfindingMovement.HasArrived.get'

    I tried just implementing a public override bool HasArrived => throw new System.NotImplementedException(); and it works, but I'll see what changed in the update.

  • The integration has since been updated to be compatible with the latest UCC release.

  • I am trying to integrate UCC with Adventure Creater (AC). I followed the document that comes with package. My scene seems to be working. I was wondering what the purpose of these ?

    • The document ask to do the following
      • Add AC Motion ability
      • Add the AC Player component to UCC Player game object.
      • Add AC_UCC_Character script to UCC Player game object.

    It seems like if uncheck those stuff still the scene is working.


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