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NavMesh Player seems stuck

Hi falks,
This is my first time on the forum so I hope I'll be clear enough with my problem.

So it's the first time that i try to make a NavMesh on a 2D plan. I follow the tutorial but When I click to move my character is animating correctly but it seems to be gets stuck on an invisible wall.
I think my NavMesh is properly defined but I don't understand what is the problem.

Here the screen of my NavMesh Inspector

And my NavMesh on Scene

and ACG Editor Windows:

I hope I was clear enough (and sorry for my English)


  • Welcome to the community, @jeanini.

    The screenshots don't show any issue, so the problem may be related to your character. If you enable "Gizmos" at the top of the Game Window while the game is running, you should see a blue line pointing to where the character should be moving to once you click somewhere. Is that the case?

    As yours is a 2D game, make sure that Apply Root Motion is unchecked in your character's Animator component. This is a common cause of such a problem.

    If it is, and you still have trouble, try dropping in the 2D Demo game's Player character, Brain2D, into your scene before re-running the game. He can be found in /Assets/AdventureCreator/2D Demo/Resources.

    Does Brain have the same problem? If not, the issue will be with your own character - in which case, please share images of their Inspector so that we can try to learn the problem. If so, the issue will be with your scene - in which case, please share images of your Settings Manager and Console window once the issue occurs.

  • Thank you for your quick reply. So when the game is running i see the blue line.
    I tried with brain and there is no problem with him.

    But to solve the problem. I copy paste the Brain object and I modified it according to my needs, This is not the best of methods but it works.

  • Glad it's working, at least. If you want me to try to diagnose your original problem, share screenshots and I'll take a look.

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