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Dragging connections in Action Lists

Hey hey,

When using action lists, is it possible to have the action list scroll while dragging out a connection?

When I do it the connection is disabled as soon as the scroll starts, like so;



  • It'll be down to whether or not the Unity Editor allows for it, but I shall look into it.

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    @ChrisIceBox Thanks. It's just one of the quality of life improvements that would improve working with action lists.

    Out of interest, when you have very large action lists, how do you navigate connectors around? Any tips?

  • Yeah, this feature would be nice!

    Thanks to parameters, there shouldn't really be much need for long action lists IMHO. But for long cutscenes, I tend to split them up into smaller ones and have one "master" list then execute one "child" after another using "ActionList:Run" actions.
    These master lists is can contain "Engine:Change timescale" actions as needed to speed things up during development.

  • Indeed, ActionLists are best treated much like coding functions, where each list performs a single task - with multiple arranged together in sequence if need be. AC's new Timeline tools, too, help to reduce the number of Actions needed during Cutscenes.

    The ability to drag connections along the edges will be available in the next release.

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    I've more than a few large Action Lists which are the result of conversations with NPCs and the fact I'm using 'override options'. @kloot @ChrisIceBox would the recommended approach be to seperate conversation options into new action lists?

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    You're right, those can grow long for sure. If the bulk of those are "Dialog: play speech" actions, have a look at the option to treat each paragraph as a separate speech.
  • I guess it's all relative, but I was thinking bigger than that - an ActionList of the size above shouldn't be anything to worry about.

    My personal preference in this case would be to rely on separate Timeline assets for each dialogue response, if those are chiefly speech Actions.

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