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Keep a player moving in one direction while still able to control

Hello. I wish to achieve the effect that, in a minigame, the player will automatically keep running to the left. While at the same time, it is still possible to control the player to move up and down to avoid obstacles.

I know it can be done using Unity scripts beyond the AC system. But is it possible to achieve the effect by AC?


  • If your "Movement method" is set to "Direct", then moving left is a case of invoking the Horizontal input with a negative value.

    AC's SimulateInputAxis function, if called in an Update loop, could feasibly move the character automatically if its used to simulate this input:

    AC.KickStarter.playerInput.SimulateInputAxis ("Horizontal", -1f);
  • Thanks, the simulate input function is very powerful! But when I press the right input, the horizontal axis will become 0 and character not moving, I tried AC.KickStarter.playerInput.SimulateInputAxis ("Horizontal", -10f); without success.

    Any idea how to counter the the right input effect or disable the right input?

  • As your original post mentioned moving to the left, my example code used "-1f", which causes leftward movement. For right movement, use "1f" instead.

    Note that if you try to invoke the Horizontal input button manually (i.e. via a keypress) at the same time as simulating, you'll get a conflict meaning one of the commands will be ignored.

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