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Multiple Managers Management with more than 2 unity 3d project

Hello guys.
I am working on an educational game using unity 3d with adventure creator.

Basically, there are more than 2 projects, I want to manage the managers for each project separate. I have done this. so each project has its own managers. and there is one Reference.asset file.

the Project structure is something like.

The main Scene where there is only UI, the user will select levels. in this scene whenever the user selects a level, I get the level's ManagerPackage at runtime and then called a method Assigned Managers. it successful loaded the managers and assigned to the reference file.

The problem comes in the speech Manager, sometimes it doesn't play the audio file for the speech and sometimes it play the audio file and doesn't display the speech Text.

Please guide me on how to fix this problem.



  • HI fig. out. the problem is in speech manager. when i used seprate for both its not working. its not playing the audios. but when i used one for both project it work.

    i want to use seperate one for each project.

  • Welcome to the community, @attiq.

    It is not advisable to change the Managers at runtime. The Speech Manager creates ID references to speech lines it finds in the project, including scenes you're including in the build.

    If each project has its own scenes, and ActionList asset files, then the two Managers will generate differing ID numbers for each line (and overwrite the original lines). This will cause problems like the one you've found.

    If the two projects share the same scenes, you will need to have both projects share the same Speech Manager. If speech audio is auto-assigned by Resources filename (e.g. "Player123.wav"), however, you can place these audio files into separate Resources folders based on the game.

    For example, audio shared by both projects can be placed in:


    Audio just in project "A" can be placed in:


    And audio just in project "B":


    That way, you can prevent audio from "B" being included in your build for project "A" just by temporarily renaming project "B"'s Resources folder to something else (so that it doesn't include the audio in the build).

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