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Cursor rendering


  1. I'm getting feedback that the cursor on my game is laggy. I tried switching cursor rendering form software to hardware which solves the lagging but if I understand correctly requires the cursor textures to be a maximum of 32 pixels?

  2. Now I read on this forum that using software rendering shouldn't be a problem. Here's the thing. If I set the mouse speed (in Windows) to slow:!Amz_vh8OYDX3u69A5eY6nlMGMRve3A

...everything still looks OK (no lag) when I play the game in the editor. But when I run a published build, the lag is very noticeable (more so the slower mouse speed I use). I would expect the opposite - build should be faster than in editor, but for some reason it isn't.

Any ideas?


  • Hardware cursor sizes of 32x32 are a hardware limitation. The Software rendering mode uses Unity's own OnGUI code, so it's likely that differences between build/editor are Unity-related.

    A third option, however, is to rely on Unity UI to draw the cursor - see the wiki script here.

    1. Ok, good to know
    2. Do you also get the result of more lag in a build if using slower mouse speed?
    3. Regarding your third option, I understand this allows for animated cursors, do you know if it also results in less lag?


    1. I haven't encountered an issue, but results may vary with platform.
    2. Whether it's animated or not, the results should be the same. It's simple to try and see what your own results are like.
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