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Character Animate not changing parameters

I'm using both the "expression" tokens and the character: animate action to change the parameters for my animations. I have it set up so that there's a dialog that changes expression to 1 and then character: animate changes it back to 0. However, character: animate to change parameters does not work in any case whatsoever. I can change integer expression via the tokens but not the action.

As you can see, running the action produces nothing although looking at the inspector it looks like new objects are created every time I run???

But when I use tokens it updates the parameter

I realize I'm a few versions behind. I want to get this fixed before updating.


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    Welcome to the community, @jaybee.

    Your Action looks correctly set up. I suspect that this is due to AC taking control of his "expression" parameter if you've defined it as the Expression ID integer field in his Inspector.

    You could confirm this by creating a second Integer parameter in the Animator controller, and see if that can be manipulated with the Action.

    What's the underlying goal here? The Speech Manager's Reset character expression with each line? can be used to revert this value automatically, but you can also clear the expression through script / a custom Action by calling:

    AC.KickStarter.player.ClearExpression ();
  • Hi. I love AC!

    It does seem like only tokens can affect the integer specified in the player component. I created a dummy int and changing the parameter worked for that.

    Sometimes I want the characters to stay in their new animation throughout multiple lines of dialog so resetting the expression each line won't do. But I can do it manually through script so thank you very much.

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