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Changing Player's Speech Point for particular scene

I want to change Hero's Speech point in some scenes. Maybe there is some simple way to do this? The only way I was thinking about is to do copies of Hero's prefab (with different speech points accordingly) and change them depending on level.


  • If you're just talking about the position of the speech Menu, you wouldn't have to copy the prefab - just create a "dummy" Hero NPC with no graphics, and have him say the lines instead.

    Another way would be to create a second speech Menu, with amended Position type fields to place it correctly, lock it, and then unlock it (and lock your regular speech Menu) using the Menu: Change state Action when necessary.

    You could also make changes to your Menu at runtime through script. Right-click the "Position type" field, for example - you'll get an API reference to change this setting at runtime.

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