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Timeline issue

Dear Everybody,

I experianced an issue at timelines. When I stopped the conversation with my NPC, I deactivate my NPC and I start to play some timeline in cutscenes one after another. After 2-3 played timelines are played, the system activate my NPC back automatically and my NPC start to the conversation in the background. The timeline is going on, only the system active back my character and start again the conversation, what I stopped in previous dialog with Dialog: Stop conversation action. An other issue is that, where is not conversation, the system activate automtically the NPC and beside it finishes the other 2-3-4 timelines. I suffered for 8 hours to figure out the problem, but no idea....


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    You must give more details - it's not possible to help without more information.

    Screenshots and steps to recreate the problem, please, as well as AC / Unity version numbers. Let's see those ActionLists / NPCs / Timelines, with descriptions on how they're connected - and shots of the issue itself.

    Are you disabling the NPC with the Timeline's "Activation" track, or through script? Are you disabling the NPC component, or their entire GameObject - and why? If you don't disable the NPC, does all work as expected?

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