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Achieving NPC headlook at Player when Player is instantiated

Hi, trying to figure this out: you need to select a scene Transform for any of the available headlook solutions (AC's own, FinalIK etc.), but the Player is unavailable for selection when it's instantiated on Playerstart during game.
Tried selecting AC's MainCamera since it's persistent on scenes, but unsurprisingly NPC headlook won't work with it since headlook points at the static MainCamera.

Please suggest a solution, thanks.


  • The Player can be present in the scene file - the runtime instantiation is just a convenience. A local instance of the player will override the one listed in the Settings Manager.

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    Yes, I know that, in fact I didn't use runtime instantiation at all in my previous projects. But I grew to like it (for better or worse), yet this seems to be an obvious limitation of it.
    I'm back to using the Player in the scene file then. Thank you.

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