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Deconstruction in Crafting


Question regarding the AC capabilities. I think I understand how the Crafting system works, but what about Deconstruction. Say I had an item and I wanted to break it up into 2 components. I assume I can use an ActionList to create the two components and add them to the inventory but is there something out of the box that AC has that supports this before I do anything too custom?

Thanks, as always!


  • Not in the sense that you can define what items a "constructed" item consists of, but you can do it with a series of Inventory: Add or remove Actions.

    The above Action also provides a replacement option - one for one. If scripting, you could create a custom Action using it (ActionInventorySet.cs) as the basis, and customise it so that you can instead define an array of replacement items.

  • Understood. Thank you!

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