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When does actin list need a constant ID component?

Hi there!

When the player clicks a Hotspot and a line is spoken, and then the player exits the scene to another one, I get this warning:
"Data for the ActionList '[Name of action list in scene]' was not saved because it has no Constant ID."

If I add a Constant ID component to the action then list the warning goes away, but I have nothing that needs saving in the action list as I understand it. So in short: When does an action list need a Constant ID component?



  • I imagine it needs an ID if you've something in there that you DO want saving, for example. I'm sure you can ignore the error otherwise.

  • But action lists don't maintain any state do they? What could they possibly have to save? I know I'm missing something here.

  • Is it possible that the action list could save at which node position it is currently at? For example, you put a scene change action somewhere in the middle of your action list, then upon changing scenes the action list knows it hasn't fully completed running through the actions yet. I have no idea how this is useful, but it's fun guessing!

  • ActionList save data includes parameter values, conversation points and pause states. If an ActionList is paused, then that state is saved so that it can be resumed later.

    Generally any "Constant ID required" message should only show if AC believes it's necessary, but it's possible that some sequence of Actions or settings would cause it to show unnecessarily. I can't tell just from your description alone, but if you don't deem it necessary then it should be safe to ignore - but there's no harm in adding one anyway.

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    I'm getting this warning consistently even though the action list isn't running, hasn't been skipped or paused. Try this to reproduce:

    1. Run any action list in the current scene
    2. Await for the action list to complete
    3. Switch to a player located in another scene
    4. You should now see this warning

    I ask because I recently added analytics and keep seeing this warning pop up all the time and I'm pretty sure it's not called for :)

  • Please share some version numbers, as well as an ActionList from either of the demo games that work in step 1) - I still cannot reproduce this.

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