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How to fade out speech menu back ground at the end of speech


I am doing a full screen completely black and white narration menu using unity UI Prefab

so i added animator to fade in black when it begin

But i am unable to fade out , because when i click to skip the UI prefab turn off instantly without giving me any chance to add some code to it.



  • You must set the Menu's Transition time (s) field to match the total length of the animation, since AC will disable the UI that amount of time after the call to turn it off.

  • Thx, but when i turn the source to unity Ui prefab,... there is no transition time option,
    if i use adventure creator instead i cant place the text at the middle of my screen , disregarding the length of the text

  • Once in Unity UI mode, set the Transition type field to Custom Animation.

    The on/off animations will play automatically by naming convention - see the Manual's "Unity UI menus" chapter.

  • thx, sorry for the trouble

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