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Disabling mouse cursor disables hotspots ?

I'm doing a third person direct controlled - detect hotspot (mouse and keyboard)
I want the mouse cursor to appear only when the game is paused, so on the deselect inventory action I add "cursor enabled" action, and on turn off a cursor disabled action.
The game no longer reacts to hotspots after doing that action.
No idea if that's the intended action, but if so, are there any workarounds ?


  • Please be specific in your description. I'm assuming by "turn off" you're referring to your Pause menu's "ActionList when turn off", and by "cursor disabled" you're referring to an "Engine: Manage systems" Action.

    "detect hotspots" is a field, but what option is it set to? Mouse Over or Player Vicinity?

    If you want the main cursor to only show when paused, try just setting the Cursor Manager's Display cursor field to Only When Paused.

  • Oh yes, I had changed that to never because the dialogue system made the cursor appear again, but changed it to not use dialogue state and now dialogues run as a cutscene.
    Many thanks, and sorry for being vague in my description.

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