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Feature Request: Ability to organise Hotspots in layers

Or any other way to prioritise functionality of individual Hotspots when overlapping another.


  • In 2D or 3D?

    When Hotspots overlap, priority is given to the one closest to the camera.

  • In 2d on a flat plane. Are you saying I could move one slightly forward towards the camera on the 3rd dimension to make it be the priority?

    And if that front hotspot was disabled in an Action list, would the hotspots behind then be clickable?

  • Yes on both counts.

  • Well tha is fantastic news to me. I'm sure I read a conversation about this before and I must have misunderstood. This is good!

    On the subject of Hotspots. If I untick the Enabled box (disable) in the Hotspot component:Interactions in the Inspector window, Is there a way to Enable that Hotspot again in an Action List? Using Hotspot: Enable or Disable does not seem to affect it.

  • A Hotspot's on/off state is determined by it's layer - not the enabled state of the component.

    Attach the Remember Hotspot component to it, and you can configure its Hotspot state on start field to handle this for you. Attaching this will also store a change in on/off state, made with the Hotspot: Enable or disable Action (which should then work), in save game files.

  • Ahhhh, right. Thank you for clearing that up.

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