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AC 1.66.7 version download link

Is there any option to downgrade the AC current version to AC 1.66.7 version? Because I see some bugs, for example start conversation works sometimes, and sometimes not, and there my game in stuck and freeze in beginning of the actionlist? The AC 1.66.7 version was perfect for me, everything is worked. So what do you think will be any problem after downgrading with AC?


  • Besides this, not working "move along path", my player is walking in place. In 1.66.7 was perfect. I'd like to finish my game in 1-2 weeks, but I'm now a little bit surprised.:/

  • I checked the actionlists again now, and in the Actionlist, where the action freezed (after pause game I see with green frame the action, where is the actionlist crashed), I use checked "Wait until finish?". I'never had this problem before until 4 months, now when I updated, I have this issue.:/

  • But the problem is that, the action what crashes, not started, just crashed

  • I found the problem, I put an other layer to my Animation Controller, and it's blocked the correct workings.

  • Do you have any suggestion for that? I would like to use one more animation in same time for a NPC. So there is a main animation what moves his rig, and one more animation what moves only head blendshapes. I tried to creat one more layer on my animation controller, but as you can see I got a big "stroke" after that.:)

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    PM me if you still want to revert to v1.66.7, and I will provide you with a link to download it.

    However, If you encounter an issue with the current release, it is best to describe it in detail so that it can be fixed.

    There is not yet enough information here to give advice. Please start from the top, and give full details - with screenshots - that clearly explain each problem, and how to recreate them. However, if you are having an issue with animation due to the way you've set up your Animator Controller, that is not an AC issue.

  • Thank you Chris, as I wrote it was an Animation Controller problem, not AC, so I stay at current version.:)

    Thank you for your fast reply!

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