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How to Simplify Subtitles so they appear like in Lucasarts Games

I can't get my head around the subtitles menu.

How can I set it up so that both the player and the NPCs speech is the same size,
each character's speech is a specific colour,
their speech appears above their heads without a box
and without their name displayed?

I think I have to duplicate the existing subtitles menu to do this.
But I can't grasp which options control which parameters.
Sorry I know this is a super basic question - perhaps someone can point me to a tutorial?
The ones I have found all appear to be more advanced.


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    Similar to how they're displayed in the 2D Demo?

    Best to use that as a base - you can remove the current Subtitles menu from your Menu Manager, then copy over the one from the 2DDemo_MenuManager asset file by temporarily switching to it at the top of your Game Window. Menus can be copy/pasted via the cog icons beside their names.

    The key steps to create such a menu, however:

    1. Set the Appear type to When Speech Plays
    2. Set the Position to Above Speaking Character
    3. In general it's best to check Duplicate for each line?
    4. To show just the text, give the menu just one element: a Label with a Label type set to Dialogue Line. The character's name will show if you have a Label set to Dialogue Speaker, like the default Subtitles menu does.
  • AH yes, oops. The demo! Thanks, that was all very helpful. I have it working now, and have finally grasped that the conversation menu controls the conversations (!). The option to change the colour of already-selected-options here is GREAT.

    In both conversation and subtitles, it is not super clear to me how the 'position above player' works with the x and y position options, and I seem to be having some trouble with conversation options overlapping with the next line if they are longer than about 12 characters when I set the size of the 'dialogue list' to automatic, though automatic is working nicely for the subtitles, and can be worked around in conversations using the manual size setting.

    What I was expecting is that when a conversation element was chosen, it would then print as a line of dialogue. I guess it would be annoying in practice, but somehow my gut is waiting for it. Is that possile to implement using the conversation menu somehow, to try it out?

  • it is not super clear to me how the 'position above player' works with the x and y position options

    If your Menu's Source is Adventure Creator, then the Game window will show a small dot in the centre of the screen when previewing it. Treat this as the player's head, and X/Y co-ords positioning the Menu relative to this position. You can reduce the Y value to raise the Menu up, which will place it above the Player's head.

    For greater control over positioning / style, you can rely on Unity UI for your Menu's display instead - see the Manual's "Unity UI menus" chapter for more.

    What I was expecting is that when a conversation element was chosen, it would then print as a line of dialogue.

    The display of dialogue options is separate from the display of speech lines - you have to manually create a new speech line with the same display text. This separation allows you to make full use of AC's speech tools, e.g. voice audio, lipsyncing etc, which wouldn't be available if the speech was automatically pulled from the Conversation.

  • Thanks, Chris. I'll check out the x, y stuff soon.

    I have been steadily realising that conversation elements don't work that way over the last few days and that that part of the question was a bit of a no-brainer. Thanks for your patient explanation. Hopefully it will aid someone else too...

    AC's S L O W ly becoming more intuitive and fluid... WOOO!

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