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New website!

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Seeing as the old one was made in a day, back before it had even 2D support, I felt it high time to get a new one.

So, check it out!

Old tutorial links will still be valid, but new tutorials will be added to the new site.

For some free publicity: if you'd like to have your game featured on the showcase page, just get in touch with me by PM.


  • Looks great! I thought the old site was pretty good already (especially for a days work) but this one is nice and clean :) Is there going to be a featured image in the white section near the top?
  • Looks good! My only thought is that the Adventure Creator logo would look better if it was vertically centered in the banner. 

    Also, I think the taxonomy of 'Games' up top may not be totally intuitive in terms of what will lead people to the demos. That's tough, because the demos are basically what I think sells it! I would just label that dropdown 'Demos' and maybe give the Game Showcase its own link up top. Just 'Showcase' would probably do it. 

    Alternatively, since you'll have big images of showcase games below the main banner, you might not even need that. :)

    Just my 2c!
  • @willoniell: Thanks, good advice.


    @hedgefield: White section?  The trailer should be showing up there.  What browser are you using?

  • Ah checking it now I see the trailer, it wasn't showing up when I checked it before. I was using Chrome. Maybe a cache issue or something. Anyway, nice!
  • edited October 2014
    I had to scrap the snazzy animated header in favour of a basic HTML table.  Sounded like only a few were getting it to work - but good to know it's now showing what's intended.
  • Congrats on the new site, Chris! From the sounds of it, you have plans to update/expand the tutorial section, for which I am very excited. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE AdventureCreator, but my one criticism is that the learning curve is very steep. The original tutorial videos you made were incredible - so much so that I (who hesitate over $10 on the asset store) bought it instantly based on how they made it seem so easy to do so much and so quickly.

    Sadly the videos have become outdated/obsolete and I imagine they're not very efficient given how long they take to make and the fact that they can't be easily updated the way that the text-based ones can (which are also very well put together). I'm just hoping for a breadth of new walkthroughs, because I do currently feel that as a designer (contrary to the pitch on the new site) the only way to understand enough to build something original (ie. not recreate the included demos) is by going through the manual with a fine-toothed comb. Just some feedback - like I said: I still love the product and am really trying to get over the learning curve, because I know it has so much potential to help me make a much better game than if I was doing everything from scratch. Still easily the best dollars-to-value on the asset store :)
  • Congrats on new website, looks ace. FWIW while I appreciate the package has changed a lot since the time the original video tutorials where made, personally I learnt AC watching them, reading the new ones and skimming through the manuals. I think in total I spent a day or two tops with this learning process and I feel I am pretty good with the asset already.

    I am just pointing this out in case anyone is on the verge about buying this asset until the new tutorials are out. Imho, while I am sure they'll be great to have and I too will definitely go over them when they're ready, they're definitely not required for you to be productive with AC (you can do it with the amplitude of learning materials that Chris has provided already).
  • Thanks.  I completely understand how the video tutorials are more favourable than the text-based ones, but as @DieHappyGames points out, it's down to the speed at which I can make them as well as the fact that they can be updated as changes to AC are made.  The earliest videos don't even have a Menu Manager!

    One thing I'm considering, though, as a compromise, is to make a one-off Introduction video that serves as a primer for getting started in AC.  It'd be a lot longer than the older 10-minute videos, and would be both a "getting started" tutorial as well as a look at AC's core features and concepts for those considering getting it.

    Anything in particular you'd like to see covered in such a video?
  • Honestly, as much as I love the videos and generally prefer them over text tutorials, I'd rather have a wider variety of text tutorials than a single well-made introduction video. As oxyscythe said, the basics are quite easy to grasp even with the existing content - where things fall apart for me is the intermediate stage, when you start trying to put together your own content from scratch rather than simply tweaking things in the demos.
    Off the top of my head, some lessons I'd love to see:
    - What are Parameters and when/how to use them
    - Advanced application of local and/VS global variables
    - Creating a conversation
    - Creating a new GUI from scratch
  • I love videos. If they are done well! Having a 720p res on a fullscreen-Unity doesn't help. 1080p is needed and better have a decent zoom in to actually be able to see all the infos. And they must be up-to-date, too. That's why I would like to have an longer introductory video, followed by smaller topic videos.
    The manual should contain some screenshots, too. It all stays very vague for me, maybe because english isn't my native language.
    BTW, I still didn't buy AdventureCreator yet, because I'm still not sure if I can do my game with it. Reading through the manual, but undecided between Playmaker + Cinema Director or AC. With PM+CD I have full control, with AC I'm a little afraid of having to make compromises.

    The topics @DieHappyGames mentioned are also what interests me, especially the last two ones.

  • Good suggestions, thanks.  I've touched on parameters in a couple of the tutorials, but they're as part of a bigger topic (e.g. Quick Time Events) - the idea being that it's better to show what good they are with a real-life example.  I'll certainly look into some more "overview" tuts, though.
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    Tutorial time:

    An introduction to parameters
    Creating a conversation
    Creating a conversation (part 2)

    There's also one in the works that goes over how to implement custom graphics options, but it'll have to wait until 1.40 is out - it uses some of the new version's features.
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    Thanks! The parameters one gives me an Access Denied message, though (it points to the unreleased custom graphics options tutorial, I think).
  • I had no idea I could do this, thanks a bunch for bringing it to my/our attention :)
  • Seconded! It sounds amazing, gonna try it right away.
  • New tutorials - woooooo! Time to make a bucket of popcorn and do some learnin'! :)
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