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Problem with integrating custom character controller

Hey, I'm trying to integrate my own character controller to AC, but for some reason something seems to be interfering with my characters ability to jump. Some times it seems to work just as it should, but occasionally the jump is left short so that doing a double jump is impossible.

Jump force is added for the player trough the rigidbody like this:

rb.velocity = Vector3.up * jumpForce + forward * jumpMovement;

here's a small clip of my problem.

Before the integration controller worked beautifully. I know this might not be enough information but I'm going to first just post this in case there's something obvious in my player settings that I have missed. Thanks!


  • So long as you have Motion control set to Manual (which you have), then AC shouldn't affect your character's position at all.

    The integration script in your video is partially obscured, but assuming that "inputEnabled" is True when the issue occurs, then I'd be inclined to assume the issue lies with the custom controller itself.

    Presumably you're involving a grounded check in all this - are you relying on the AC Player's IsGrounded() function for this? What is your AC version, also?

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    Hey Chris, yeah ****inputEnabled**** is true while this occurs. I'm using my own grounded check and ideally would like to disable AC Player's IsGrounded() function completely. I guess assigning ground check layers as Nothing should do that? I'm using version 1.67.5. Though it seems that I found a fix. I just disabled Ignore gravity? checkbox. I'm not sure anymore why exactly I even had it on in the first place, but at some point I had some trouble with character doing these unnatural moon jumps and I guess that enabling Ignore gravity? somewhat fixed that problem. Anyway, I cant replicate the moon jump problem anymore and controller seems to work all in all fine 👍

  • IsGrounded will generally only be called if the motion control is automatic, as will the effects of Ignore gravity?. Again, I can't offer much from this alone, but if all's fine now I wouldn't worry about it.

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