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Camera Problem


I have a problem with AC cameras, when my player runs "lets say on the left side" and then enters a trigger to switch to another camera while I am still holding the left button to move left he changes the direction and goes up or down depends on the new camera position.. I've tried using unity default camera and I didn't encounter this problem only with AC cameras.. I hope I explained the issue well..

here is a video to show what I mean.


  • What's your movement method, Straight To Cursor? It's not clear from the video what your inputs are.

    Since you're using a (modified) 3D Demo to test with, please share the exact steps needed to change the default 3D Demo to reproduce the issue you're getting. AC/Unity version numbers will be helpful too, please.

  • Unity: 2019.1
    AC: latest

    My movement method is: Direct
    I used adventure creator 3d demo to show the problem as it happens in any scene with the direct movement.

    If you want to reproduce the issue just change the movement method from point and click to direct movement and change the robot animation engine to mecanim - automatic in the player script and try to walk towards any trigger to change the camera and you will encounter the problem..

  • See the Manual's "Direct movement" chapter regarding this:

    By default, the Player is moved relative to the camera - i.e. pressing “right" causes him to move screen-right. If the camera cuts to a different angle, his will continue his direction until the user changes the input – this prevents the player moving in an unintended direction if the angle changes sharply. Note that the ActionList that performs this camera cut must be a background process.

  • It worked like a charm! thank you Chris!

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