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Polygon Vs Box collidor hotspots 2d


Another rooky question, no doubt:

I know I can make my hotspots super precise by switching the box collider for a polygon 2d collider.
In a fairly small game, is this kind of detail going to affect my game at run time, or is it super trivial?

Innaccurate hotspots are fairly annoying little niggles from the player's perspective so I want to know if my investing the time to get them working neatly is going to come back and hit me later.



  • You're talking in terms of performance?

    This is really a question for Unity, since AC is just making use of Unity's components. It will depend on the number of colliders, and the number of vertices in each - but unless you go overboard in detail/amount I don't think you'll find things to be an issue.

  • Yes. OK, great, thanks.

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