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Draggable Moveable object Ignore Raycast


I see that when I'm in Play mode my draggable moveable object get "Ignore Raycast" layer. Can I turn off this "getting Ignore Raycast layer" thing / object? Or there is something trick to turn off it at one draggable moveable object? Thank you in advance!


  • A draggable object is placed on the "Ignore Raycast" layer when it's turned off.

    Are you turning it off somehow? This can occur if you attach a Remember Moveable component and set its Default state on start? to Off, and also if you pass the Turn Off message to it with the Object: Send message Action.

    If it seems to be turning itself off for no reason, try placing a Debug.Log statement in the DragBase.cs script's TurnOff function around line 165. i.e.:

    Debug.Log ("Turning off " + name, this);

    What is the full Console message (including the stacktrace beneath) when this displays?

  • Yes, you are right, that was the problem.:) So the Default state on start was off. So it was the "accident".

    I checked "Set starting position" in Moveable_Drag component. But when I'm in Play mode the collider is at Lock to track's upper limit's collider, so it isn't at the starting position, what would be my mistake? I attached a lock to track track.

  • the collider is at Lock to track's upper limit's collider, so it isn't at the starting position

    What starting position did you give it? The Initial distance along? slider beneath lets you choose between 0 (the lower limit) and 1 (the upper limit). Let's see some screenshots.

  • The Initial distance along is 0. Now I will try to set further back the child of moveable object's position, maybe the problem will be that, after it's unsucessfull I make screenshot.

    By the way there is a non-trigger sphere collider on the moveable object. I put a Trigger at the moveable object's "way", but when my collider is in the Trigger. The trigger doesn't "see" my collider. I checked everything. No ignore raycast layer, etc....maybe there is a checkbox what I can't see?:)

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    Collision won't occur unless both colliders have Is Trigger unchecked. Make sure you have a Rigidbody on your collider, and uncheck Use Gravity and raise it's Mass value if you want it to stay in place.

  • I did it now, but the trigger doesn't detect my moveable object.:( I don't understand, what could be the problem, I have 1 collider with trigger checked and rigidbody, and the trigger doesn't detect it. No ignore raycast layer on these.

  • So I tested, the trigger see other simple Gameobject's collider, only can't see Moveable object's collider:/

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    What are you trying to achieve, exactly? What do you want to happen when the two colliders intersect? Is this second object an AC Trigger, or are you using a custom script to detect the moveable object?

    You could try attaching the Collider that does work as a child of the Moveable object (and check Is Trigger), but I would have to see screenshots of your setup otherwise - I need more detail to tell what the issue is.

  • I use AC trigger, I put counter and other event in the trigger. I put already collider to children of the moveable object. But no success. My main settings is perfect, because I use AC triggers in my game, and they works perfectly. This trigger works perfectly with a simple gameobject, but not works with only draggable objects.

  • Try setting the AC Trigger's Detection method to Transform Position. Uncheck Detect Player, increase the # objects to detect field to 1, and assign your Draggable object in the Object #0 field.

    That will cause the Trigger to respond to the object's position, and not through any physics calculations. Again, if you have issues beyond this, I must see screenshots.

  • I use AC 1.66.7 version. Should I upgrade to see this field? I have back up, but what do you think can it hurts some part of my project? (everything is in AC)

  • I updated only script, so no project loosing issue after upgrading.

    What is the mechanic of Transform Position detection method? because I have to move a lot until detection, but I need to detect at the beginning of my object

  • See the Manual's "Triggers" chapter for information on how the Transform Position method works.

    To fix the issue with the "Rigidbody Collision" method, open up the DragTrack.cs script, and insert the following into line 154 (just above "foreach (Collider dragCollider in dragColliders)"):

    if (_collider.GetComponent <AC_Trigger>() != null) continue;
  • Thank you Chris!
    Yes, this line is solved this problem!:) You're genius!:)

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