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Customising Interaction menu: Hotspot then interaction


I want to create a custom interaction menu for my 2D game, much like that in Kathy Rain, where if a hotspot only has a single interaction, such as 'look at' in the case of a picture or 'use' in the case of a door, for example, then it performs the interaction. But if there are more options, then the player is presented with a graphic like this: and they can choose the interaction they want.

Is the best way to do this to start with the 2D demo and customise the graphics, can I start with the choose hotspot and then interaction method and work from there, or should I be looking at creating a custom (I hope not) interaction menu? If someone can point me in the right direction then I hopefully can rummage around more sensefully.



  • The default AC interface, that you get when using the New Game Wizard, gives you a basic Interaction menu for selecting interaction types upon clicking a Hotspot. This is the same one used by the 2D Demo.

    Aside from any visual changes, you'd need to amend this Interaction menu if you modify the available interaction types (e.g. "Pick up") that extend the provided ones ("Look at", "Talk to" etc).

    These are defined in the Cursor Manager under "Cursor icons". In your Interaction menu, each such icon is mapped to a separate MenuInteraction element. If you create a new icon, you'll need to create a new MenuInteraction element in the Interaction menu, and map it to that icon in its properties.

    You can certainly use this default Interaction menu as the basis of your own. It also has a Unity UI variant should you want to rely on Unity UI instead.

    To avoid this menu showing up when a Hotspot only has one interaction, select the Hotspot and check Single 'Use' interaction?. That'll give it a one-click interface, as though you were in Context Sensitive mode for that Hotspot only.

  • Brill, thanks. I've got that working with the AC prefab. As you suggest in the manual, I'll test it for a while before getting in the Unity UI stuff.

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