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Possible Pre-fab bug in Unity 2018.3.91

So currently investigating an issue with prefab connections and action lists. Seems that after upgrading to unitys new prefab system, action lists inside a prefab can lose all their contents. All other action lists are fine except the ones inside prefabs. Its not dire that they need to be in these prefabs, but it seems it has caused some issue so currently avoiding doing that.

I will do some tests to see if it is indeed prefabs breaking them, but thought I'd bring it up if anyone has had this problem?

Thanks again Chris for all your tireless work.


  • ActionLists cannot survive in prefabs - this has been true for all Unity versions, not just 2018.3. This is why we have the ActionList asset type, and the ability for scene-based ActionLists (such as Cutscenes) to refer to assets for their actual Actions.

    When a prefabbed ActionList is placed in the scene, the scene instance can work fine - but generally there should be no prefab link when scene-based Actions are involved.

  • Oh yeah I understand that they cant survive in prefabs, but since updating to a newer version of unity, all action lists (in-scene) which are inside a prefab, all their contents have disappeared (in scene), while all action lists that don't exist in prefabs have all their contents in tact. I'm going to try to pin point exactly what happens in the next couple of days, however my suspicion is applying the overrides for the prefab break them somehow. Will report back ASAP trying to replicate why they are suddenly empty.

  • Ah, that's very different. What's your AC version number?

    When creating new scene objects via the Scene Manager in 2018.3, AC will break prefab connections as they're spawned. This may be more of an issue on the Unity side of things, but I'd recommend breaking prefab connections if you're having this issue with existing objects.

  • 2018.3.91?

  • Just checked this out again, put the project on hold for a little bit, apologies.

    Currently using V 1.668
    Have unity version 2018 3f1

    Theory was correct, once I put an in-scene action list in a prefab and apply it, it breaks the action list completely and removes its contents.

    I can avoid this by just having all my in scene action lists not in prefabs, although for organisation purposes, its nice to have the action list as a child of say, a box which has a hotspot attached.

    Might be a good idea to mention this in the manual so people don't accidentally put their action list in a prefab and break it?

    See photo of an example of what happens to an action list after it is prefabbed

  • I shall see if the Manual can better explain things, but be aware that it's possible to have any type of scene-based ActionList (e.g. a Cutscene or an Interaction) to rely on an ActionList asset for its Actions. That method should allow it to exist as a prefab without having its Actions reset.

  • edited September 2019

    Ah yes! forgot to mention I will probably start working with Action Lists assets from now on. Is there a way for me to convert regular Action Lists to Action List assets?

    Edit* Nevermind found out how to convert them.

  • There is, actually. It's available as a menu option when you click the component's cog icon in the upper-right corner.

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