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Disable Hotspots when my Interaction Menu is activated

edited May 2019 in Technical Q&A

Hello everybody!
Today's quest is: how can I deactivate all the hotspots (more specifically inventory items labels) when I'm into the "Interaction" menu?
My issue is when I'm inside my Inventory and I click on an item, the interaction menu appears (sometime with 2 interaction icons on the sides) that are overlapping other items and when I go on top of the interaction icons, I can see the item label underneath, like in this picture::
Basically I clicked on the floppy disk on the left side, my interaction menu appears correctly, the icon on the right overlap a bit the "Photo of Mom" and therefore if I go to click the magnify lens (Look At interaction) the label of the item "Photo of Mom" appears.

I solved with an ActionList to run (in background) when the Interaction Menu is Turn On/Off that simply lock/unlock the "Hotspot" menu... it was easier than I thought! (but I got stuck 'cause I set the actionlist to pause gameplay)

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