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Re-Importing CSV file after grammar correction

Ok, so, my demo is almost ready and I gathered the text and exported a CSV containing the Speech only for a grammar revision.
Now my editor has fixed the grammar and sent me back the corrected CSV. How can I import it to replace the old lines without touching anything else or corrupt my game?
I tried to "Import Text", but it asks me for a translation, while I want to replace the old English version.
Is that possible?


  • You can't update the raw text you enter into the Editor, but you can treat one of your game's translations as the default language - even if this translation is still in English.

    In the Speech Manager, create a new language named English, and check Don't use at runtime? under the "Original language" list of properties. That'll cause the translation (English) to be the one that gets displayed - which you can update/amend directly in the Speech Manager or through CSV imports.

  • Cool! Nice workaround!

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