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How to set some global values depending on IOS Device?

Hello all,

I am working on a game for iOS and tvOS and am looking for a way to set some global AC variables depending on the iOS device the player is using. I guess the right way to go would be to use …

…, but as I am no programmer, I hope to find a clue here how to let AC access this value (maybe even a script example or a link to it).

Thank you so much,



  • AC global variables can be manipulated through script - see the Manual's "Variable scripting" chapter, as well as the front page of the scripting guide.

    Setting variable values by iOS device, then, is a case of e.g.:

    public void SetVariables ()
        if (iOS.Device.generation == iOS.DeviceGeneration.Iphone6)
            AC.GlobalVariables.SetIntegerValue (3, true);

    (Where "3" is the ID number of a global Boolean variable)

    If you place such code in a new MonoBehaviour script, and place it in your scene, you can then use AC's Object: Call event or Object: Send message Actions to run this "SetVariables" method from an ActionList - if that's necessary.

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