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To Stop/Pause/Interrupt NPC's current pathfinding in Unity Navigation


When my NPC moves to another point with pathfinding, I'd like to interrupt it and I would like that if my NPC would stop and don't finish his way/pathfinding to the point, just stop where he is.

Do you have something solution for it?ű

Thank you very much in advance!


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    If your character is moving along a pre-defined Path, you can add cutscenes or pauses to each point along it.

    When the Path is not pre-defined (i.e. the character is pathfinding), you cannot. However, it's feasible that through scripting, you could hook into a custom event to perform something similar.

    I can see about adding such a feature, but I will need to know more about your situation and needs.

    Can you share an image to illustrate? What is the intention behind stopping them at some point along a path? Please share as much detail as you can.

  • Thank you Chris for your fast reply!

    I use not pre-defined Path, so the NPC is pathfinding. I'd like that, when I push a button, the npc stops. After I push same button, npc will plan his pathfinding again and start it again. I use more point (marker), so the system will choose random one of them and navigate the npc to there. After I can push that button again and npc stop again....and etc....

    The button and random generate method is fine already. What is missing, I should interrupt forever the NPC's path, when he is on the path.

    Unfortunately, I can't coding, but I think I have good logic skills, so I think 2-3 code line of a script should solve this problem, if I can add "interrupt move on "found" path" after when I pushed the button.

    I hope I could wrote it clear.:)

  • What is missing, I should interrupt forever the NPC's path, when he is on the path.

    Right, but at what point do you want to stop him from moving? The Character: Move along path Action can have its Method set to Stop Moving, and this will make them stop completely when run.

    Through code, this is a case of calling the character's EndPath() method.

    If you want to end their path when they reach a particular node along that path, you will be able to do so in the next update - as it will provide a new OnCharacterReachNode custom event, which gets triggered when a character reaches each point along their path.

  • Yes I use these in other situation thank you:) , but now I use Character: Move to Point. And I would like to interrupt moving to the point. Can you suggest something for it?:)

  • The Character: Move along path Action, set to Stop Moving, will interrupt a character's motion along a path, even if that path was generated by the Character: Move to point Action.

  • Yes, some days ago I've tried this, but no success, my character stop until 1 second and after continue the path. But now I put an "Actionlist: Kill" node after Stop Moving action, and it works!:)

    Thank you for your time Chris!:))

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