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OnSetHeadTurnTarget event only sent once per hotspot


I'm trying to turn the eyes of my character to the current hotspot under the mouse and I am listening to the OnSetHeadTurnTarget and OnClearHeadTurnTarget to do this. However it seems that the OnSetHeadTurnTarget event is only sent the first time the mouse goes over a hotspot. The second time the mouse goes over it does not get sent again. If I move the mouse over another hotspot the event is sent again, but again only once.

Is this a bug or intended behaviour? By the way, the mecanim head turning to the hotspots of the character controlled by AC works all the time, not only at the first mouse over. It's just the event that's missing.

Using Unity 2018.3.12f1 and latest AC.



  • I'll have to look into it further, but this is likely a bug. Hovering over a Hotspot, hovering off, and then back on the same Hotspot should invoke the event twice.

  • Recreated. Inside Char.cs, look for the line:

    bool isNew = (headTurnTarget != _headTurnTarget || headTurnTargetOffset != _headTurnTargetOffset);

    and replace it with:

    bool isNew = (headTurnTarget != _headTurnTarget || headTurnTargetOffset != _headTurnTargetOffset || headFacing == HeadFacing.None);
  • Works perfectly, thanks!

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