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Main Menu problem


I downloaded a finished menu scene from the Asset store. This is my Main Menu Scene. I set everything what tutorial says (actionlists etc.). I set in Menu manager that Unity UI from Prefab. I dropped the prefabs under buttons. When I play the game, every buttons are lost. And nothing works. I did already a sample main menu scene with a sample AC buttons, but now I tried to implement it a ready main menu scene. If I remove main menu component from main camera, I see buttons, but nothing is happened (evident because of main menu component is removed). When the component is on the camera, I see nothing buttons and remove the main camera too. How could I repair this problem? What is bad in my implemention trying?

Thank you in advance!


  • When the component is on the camera, I see nothing buttons and remove the main camera too.

    Sorry, but you'll have to re-phrase this - I'm not clear on what you mean.

    You will need to share much more detail about what you've got, and exactly what the problem is. You mention a "Main Menu" component on your Camera, but as there is no such AC script by this name I'm assuming this is part of the asset you've downloaded. As this script is intefering with things, you may need to contact that asset's developer as well.

    Without knowing what this asset is, or what the script that you're attaching does, it's not possible to say what's wrong. Screenshots especially will help to understand what's going on.

    If the Main Menu is in its own scene, however, you'll probably want to set the Source to Unity Ui In Scene instead. Then you can assign the Main Menu's Canvas from the scene, and not refer to any Canvas prefab.

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