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RememberNPC - Layer set on awake

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Is  there a reason for setting layer to hotspot in RememberNPC script during Awake() ? Apart from the hotspot detection system, would that break anything I did disable this piece of code?

This is the first time we need to use this specific script, we never had our npcs on the hotspot layer to begin with. and, since we have capsule on our npc, it get caught by the PlayerInput which raycast to find hotspots. Alas this prevent our real hotspot to be hit by raycast hence my question.



  • The Capsule Collider is assumed to BE the real Hotspot - that's why it's placed on the Hotspot layer when the NPC is made active.  How is your Hotspot attached to the NPC?
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    But I dont want the capsule collider to be the hotspot, I have a sub gameobject parented to my npc that makes it separated from the graphical assets :
    -- npc (with capsule, and npc scripts)
    |--- 3D Model
    |--- Hotspot (with box collider and hotspot script)
  • You may be able to get around it with a further RememberHotspot script on the Hotspot.  The "on/off" setting in the RememberNPC / RememberHotspot script merely changes their layer.  Keep the NPC off, and the Hotspot on, and it should work.
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