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Looky - The Adventure

Hi yall,

while I'm still working on an adventure game called "Wormventures - Barrier 51" that is done with AC, I'm planning on re-releasing its freeware predecessor "Looky - The Adventure", which was originally released in 2007. This time an english version should be released, too. In 2007 we only released a german version of the game. I made the english translations myself but my english is quite rusty so I would like to ask for help here.
I need someone to play the current english version or at least proofread the string table file with the translated lines (2.700 lines) and correct them if not ok. I can only offer an entry in the game's credits as a reward.

If someone is interested please post it here and I'll give you the links to the needed files. Thanks a lot in advance.



  • This forum category is for AC games only - feel free to post in Adventure talk, however.

  • Oh, sorry. Are you able to move the thread there?

  • Almost twelve years after its initial release, the classical 2D point and click adventure "Looky - The Adventure" was re-released on Still a freeware game, the included full motion videos were revised and don't need any more external codecs. While the initial release only included the german version of the game, the re-release is now available in english, but unlike the german version without voice overs. What didn't change is the playing time of 5-7 hours, the classical point and click controls and the high resolution graphics with 1024x768 pixels (well, well, in the ancient times that was high resolution and computer screens were nearly quadratical instead of these stretched things nowadays, kids!). The game is now available on Have fun!

    And now back to AC to get its sequel done...

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