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Menu UI position when fading out or playing Off animation

Hi, I found that if I set Menu transition to Canvas Fade or Custom Animation, when it is Fading Out or playing Off animation, the hotspot name element doesn't stay on the hotpost (I set the position as On Hotspot), but instead stay on the same place of the Screen Space (e.g. follows the player when it is moving away from the hotspot). Is there a way to make it stay on the hotspot?


  • It should do, so long as you have Update while fading out? checked in the Menu's properties.

    If you do already, what are your Unity and AC version numbers? Let's also see the full properties of the Menu / Label element.

  • I did check Update while fading out?. I am using AC1.66.8 and Unity 2018.1.4f1

    My menu properties look like this:

    And my Unity Prefab canvas & panel stucture is like this:

    The CustomHotspotUI is linked to the menu Canvas Prefab, and the RectTransformBoundary is linked to the menu RectTranform Boundary. The txtHotspot is linked to the Linked Text, but the SuperText Mesh object Super Text is the one for displaying the element by reading the text in txtHotspot.

    I guess the RectTranform Boundary is the object that controls the display position right? In my case, both RectTransformBoundary and Super Text can stay on top of the hotspot when it is displayed, but when the player leaves the hotspot, the display position follows the player and moved away from the hotspot during the Menu Transition Time.

  • If you've defined "TextMeshProIsPresent" as a scripting define symbol, there's no need for a "dummy" text box - only the regular RectTransformBoundary and Super Text children should be necessary.

    I guess the RectTranform Boundary is the object that controls the display position right?

    Correct. This may be overidden, however, if the UI's animation controls it somehow. Might this be the case?

    I can't recreate this using the Demo game's Hotspot menu, when switching to Unity UI mode - I may have to see this for myself. Create a .unitypackage file of the prefab, its associated graphics/animations, as well as all 8 Managers, and PM it to me.

  • My package would require SuperText Mesh to run...

    I solved the problem by reading the active hotspot coordinates and make the RectTranform Boundary stays at the original position when playing Off animation. It is a solution less good than using the AC default function though.

    I tested and found the issue actually happens even to the default Adventure Creator Hotspot menu fade out...which doesn't run any custom scripts or animations. Would sending you the 8 Managers be enough to test this out?

  • Presumably, removing references to TMPro / SuperTextMesh would still show the issue - because the issue lies with the positioning of the RectTransform Boundary, which itself shouldn't have any such components.

    If you can duplicate the UI, remove references to other scripts/assets, and re-assign the boundary/text boxes so that only regular Unity UI components are used, PM it to me along with the Manager files. That it doesn't work for your default menu, but it does for me, is odd.

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