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[SOLVED] NPC follow: NPC always facing wrong direction after stopping.

edited October 2014 in Technical Q&A
As in the image below, the NPC follows the player as he should, but as soon as he stops he reverts back to the default sprite that he spawns with, instead of acting the way the player does after he has moved (i.e. stops and faces the direction in which he was moving).

Any thoughts? :)



  • Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does the character have left and right idle animations defined?  Once an NPC reaches his destination, there's nothing in the code to make him turn wrongly.

    Nice looking game BTW!
  • edited October 2014
    Oh yeah... I had added the idle animation clips, but I had put off actually adding the sprites to the animation. All works as intended now. Yet another oversight on my part, thanks for setting me straight!

    And thanks :) It's just a one room proof of concept thing so far, trying to jam everything I can think of into it to see if converting my in-production AGS game to Unity is feasible. So far, extremely promising, AC is making it a breeze (my silly mistakes aside)!
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