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Variable: Find global references

I used the function "Find global reference" from the variables cog menu. The function is quite cool but it has it's downside. The variable I was searching for was found 6 times and there were 6 entries in the console window, but all of them said "Found 1 references to global variable 'RV/Auf dem Weg zum Vulkan' in Action #1 of ActionList 'OnStart'". This is nice, but doesn't help, because I don't know in what scenes it was found.
Would it be possible to include the scene name to the console output?

While doing the search it gave me several other warnings like "Parameter mismatch detected - please check the 'ActionList: Run' Action for its parameter values." that also have no reference to any scene. I think I will stumble upon it in the future anyways, when I open the right scene but basically a reference to the scene in the console, where the error occured would also help a lot.



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