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Highlight Script - Unity 2018 Lit Shader

Just checking in to see if there is a simple fix to get the highlight script to work with the new 2018 Lit shader? I presume the new shader is the reason that my highlight scripts are no longer working in my recently upgraded 2018 project.

I had a quick look at the Highlight script thinking I could solve it however due to my limited coding knowledge I was struggling to find exactly which function actually did the highlighting! Thanks in advance.


  • As shaders/materials are not my forte, the Highlight effect is about as complex as I can manage - it works by simply brightening the Material's "color" property values.

    For a shader that doesn't use this, or to apply different effects to a highlighted Hotspot, uncheck Auto-brighten materials when enabled?, and attach a custom script that reads the Highlight component's GetHighlightIntensity value to apply it to the shader in the way that suits your needs.

  • Thanks Chris, this should be a huge help - thanks again :)

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