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2 Player Characters

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Hello, anybody got a tutorial how to make 2 player character and make them chooseable by UI? Please Player John is in Scene A and Sally the second Character is in Scene B. Can both have seperate Inventories? I want to buttons on UI and switch characters


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    See the Manual's "Player switching" chapter for details on how to switch between two player characters.  An option to have each player carry a separate set of inventory items can be found in the Settings Manager.

    A tutorial on player-switching can be found here.
  • Thank you but how to make it via button click in UI to switch scene and player?
  • It's covered in the tutorial: use the Player: Switch Action to switch player.  If you check Restore position? (which you generally should), you can then specify where the new player will be when switching for the first time.  This can be a new scene.
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