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Bought Da New Guys - DOTJ!

Really enjoying it! I used to play so many SVGA/Windows games and this captures the exact feel and spirit of them! It used to be so exciting to have a game run without popping up Dos and having full-motion cartoon animation at 640x480, and this feels just like it! I wrote a short guide to use DGVooDoo to run AGS games at native monitor resolutions: and that's what I'm using for DNG, just brings the crispness up a bit for displaying on an LCD.

@chrisicebox have you had any plans on remaking or making a new DMG adventure with AC? I know you're always busy working on AC, but it would be awesome to see the wrestlers have another adventure with the latest tech! (Perhaps even console ports!)


  • That was, in fact, the reason I made AC in the first place - but AC keeps me rather busy at the moment.  Thanks for the interest though!
  • Ahh, so AC started as ScriptCreationUtilityforDaNewGuys? 😜 it would be interesting to see a 1:1 remake of DOTJ with AC, or even the original DNG, almost like an anniversary remaster! Have you tried playing the DNG games with DGVooDoo? It basically forces the resolution of AGS to render at full resolution to the screen so you don't have that blurry issue so much, and it doesn't change your monitors native resolution. I think DGVooDoo will actually be in some GoG releases soon. Hope it helps!
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