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[External tool] AC Speech Tool

edited September 2018 in Extending the editor
Hi to everyone,

this is not exactly extending the editor but is an extending editor...

I had serious problems when trying to open the exported game texts with excel. And when I did, made some changes, saved it back to csv and imported it back to Adventure Creator everything was messed up, because of unicode/utf-8/ascii conversation and german "Umlaute" (ä,ö,ü,ß).

So I coded myself a tool where I can import the game text csv files, make changes and save it back to a csv without struggles. This works really well and I'm using this tool all the time when I have to make changes to my game texts.

But then I got another idea to make my tool a lot more useful. So I integrated automatic translation using Google Translator. I know, this does not make perfect translations. In fact, sometimes Google Translator returns phrases that makes you laugh your ass off, but most of the time it delivers useful results. In my expiriences I would say 60 to 75 percent of the translations are perfect (I'm currently translating from german to english, I don't know how it work with other languages). At least it delivers a good foundation for a serious translation afterwards.

So, after integrating automatic translations for single text lines I built in a batch translation functionality to translate a whole bunch of lines one after another which is quite fun to watch.

Of course, I don't keep this tool for myself but share it with you - the Adventure Creator community. Maybe someone has a use for it, too. It's Windows only and batch translation is quite slow because I don't use the Google Translator API but use the website for this. To be specific, the tool has a hidden web browser element embedded in which the google translator site is loaded, then the text to translate is send to it and after that I read out the result and copy it back to the tool. Of course it's free of charge. The order and number of columns doesn't matter, I just include everything in the AC export menu.

Key features:
- Possibility to import, change and export game text csv files
- Single line and batch translation using Google Translate in 58 languages
- A lot of filter functions

Maybe I integrate some more things like a search functionality, a help file and the estimated time when batch converting later. There is no help file yet but I think the tool is quite self-explainary. If you have any questions just ask here. Have fun.

Download it here: AC Speech Tool (zipped)



  • Screenshots:
  • Oh,this is very usefull tool! Thanks for making this :)
  • Just uploaded version 1.01 which shows the estimated time left while batch-converting. Also I forgot to implement "SpeechOrder" columns in version 1.00 which are now supported.
    Grab it from the download link in the first post!

  • Seems like an awesome tool and lots of thanks for sharing.

    I've just tried, and give me errors when trying to translate or batch translate. "Expected identifier", seems like a problem when trying to gather data from google.

  • Yes, I can confirm, that translating no longer works. Google must have changed something on the translator site. I'll take a look and try to find another way.

  • I took a look at it and Google switched their translator site to Ajax which makes it impossible to get the translation by reading out the html source code, like I did. I found another way to use the website for translating by returning json code, but it refuses to work after some requests with a nice message that a malicious script or software is doing request which violates Googles terms&conditions of use.
    I tried to find other free translation websites but as it seems all have switched to paid services in the meantime. Microsoft for example declares that they want 8.433€ for translating one million characters, which made me laugh very hard. I believe for that amount of money you can easily get a real translation agency to do your localisation work and have perfect results compared to the funny things the online translation services deliver sometimes.

    Long story short, remote translation is no longer available in the tool. Sorry!

  • That's quite sad! Thanks anyways to sharing the tool!

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