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ProfileList text doesn't respect element size during mouseover

Hi Chris,

I'm using profiles as a save game of sorts - the player can only load the autosave, but they can also choose to rewind the game to a save created at the beginning of each in-game day (when they do this, the newer saves are deleted). So by using profiles, I can keep all these rewind points together.

Right, so the very first screen of my game is this:

Each of these buttons is a ProfileList element set to only show Profiles 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The problem happens when the mouse is on top of one of those buttons:


These are the settings for the element:


What can I do to keep the text within the box?

Thanks in advance!


  • In which AC/Unity versions?

    Can't recreate such an issue myself.  You can PM me the Menu Manager + font/graphical assets as a .unitypackage, and I'll see if any light can be shed.

    I would, however, recommend relying on Unity UI for menu design beyond prototyping, since the display controls are much more robust.
  • Hi Chris, thanks for fixing this!

    I have another request if it isn't too much of a hassle: would it be possible to make the SaveList text wrap inside the box like the ProfileList one does? It isn't a mouseover problem this time, it just never wraps at all.
  • edited October 2018
    I'll look into it.
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