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Preventing a transition from "Any state" to trigger itself continuosly (Mecanim)


even though it's not specifically AC but Mecanim related maybe someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong:

I try to run a couple of connected mecanim animations by changing an integer parameter like in the 3D demo when tin pot uses the standing barrel. In the demo the parameter "PushBarrel" is set to one and tin pot stays in the pose until the integer changes again (either to zero or two).
I try to use the same mechanism in my game but when I set my integer to one then the connected animation is triggered over and over again by the transition that checks if the variable is one because the transition starts from the "Any state" state. What is the trick to only play the animation once and then holding it until the integer parameter changes again? I studied the demo but can't see any difference to my setup.


  • Indeed - this is a general Unity question.

    It depends where you're transitioning from.  If you've got it coming from "Any State", like the Demo has it, you also need to uncheck Can Transition To Self in the transition's Settings drop-down.
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