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ActionList: Check parameter - Boolean not working?

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Hi all, I'm having trouble setting the parameter Boolean on an Asset ActionList.

I've setup a simple action list which uses the Check parameter which changes its own. If the bool is true plays dialogue and sets parameter bool to false and vice versa. It’s a simple toggle to play two dialogues, swapping one for the other every time the interaction occurs.
I've swapped the set parameter and dialogues order around which has no effect.

Watching at runtime the bool parameter never changes resulting in the condition never being met.

I found that it works if the Interaction’s source is in scene; (ran from the local Interaction script created when setting an interaction from the Hotspot script).

Is this intentional? It’s confusing to have showing parameters which don’t work under certain circumstances.


  • When an ActionList asset is run, a new instance of it is created at runtime - you can see it appear in the scene's Hierarchy while it runs.

    The ActionList: Set parameter Action's Change own? field refers to this instance - not the original ActionList asset.  If you want to modify the original asset's parameters, uncheck that box, set the Source field to Asset File, and assign the ActionList asset into "itself".
  • Thanks for explaining Chris. Cheers!
  • Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have this (all ActionLists being Assets):

    1) ActionList 1 calls ActionList 2 with 'wait until finished' checked.
    2) ActionList 2 sets a parameter on ActionList 1.
    3) ActionList 1 then checks that parameter.

    I presume it doesn't work because the set parameter on ActionList2 is not changing the instance of ActionList 1?

  • That's correct - the ActionList: Set parameter will update the original asset. If ActionList1 was already running, it won't be updated to reflect the change.

    It may, however, be possible to allow for this with a checkbox. I'll give it some thought.

  • Such an option may make things overly-complex, now that I think about it.

    In your ActionList: Check parameter Action, uncheck Check own? and have it reference the ActionList asset file directly. That should have it check the asset's parameter, which was the one changed by ActionList: Set parameter.

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