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Create Game 2D for Android

Hi guys!

First of all, sorry for my English.

I plan to buy Adventure Creator, I'm developer but I never used Unity.

I know that AC allows us to create games for Android, but my question is:
Is it really possible create a good game and that it work fluid?

What extra complications can I have?

If someone has a game that has been uploaded to the Android Market or knows someone else's game,
I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!



  • Welcome to the community, @ivanbanfield.

    Certainly AC tries to make it possible for developers to create good games for all platforms that it targets.  AC's aim is to provide smooth development for those looking to make traditional adventure games - but also enable extension when a game's needs go outside of this boundary.

    If you'd like to share more detail about what it is you're looking to make, or what complications you're concerned about exactly, I can try to elaborate further.
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